From left to right: Anna, Rudolph and Tony


Rudolph Sackville-Bagg is Tony Thompson's best friend and the main deuteragonist in the film. He is nine in vampire years, Although is over three hundred in human years. His family consists of Anna (sister), Gregory (brother), Freda (mother) and Fredrick his father. He is never rude and he, along with his family only drinks cows blood, since they want to become humans they have to make do.

Appearance Edit

Rudolph can transform into a bat like classic vampires. He has very pale skin and curly black hair. His clothes appear to look aristocratic and Shakespearean. He stands at about 4ft 10".

Personality Edit

Since Rudolph is over three hundred pin human years he doesn't have a normal nine year old personality, instead he is very mature and intelligent. He is also very kind and caring to his family and Tony whom he helps stand up to the McAshton boys who torment him at school.